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Photography by Charles

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A Variety of Photos & Places

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Ancient Marker-Honduras

Big Tree in Barbados

AZ-Cactus and Mountain

Longhorn Grille

KittPeak AZ

KittPeak AZ 16

KittPeak AZ 17

KittPeak AZ 18

AZ mountains2

AZ mountains 3

mountain 4


Sunset in Barbados

Tom Mix Memorial 2

Tom Mix Memorial

Fresco Gadsden

Gadsden Lobby 1

Gold Pillars - Gadsden

Gadsden Lobby 3

Casita Rex Ranch


Stormy Night

Lightning Strike

Stained Glass - Gadsden

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Featuring the song ~ Everybody Hurts ~.
Beautiful music by composer/artist: Matt Feldman
To hear more of Matt's music, visit him at
Matt Feldman

[Music used with permission of Matt Feldman]

2002-2002 Photography by Charles